Is Your Family Breathing Contaminated Air?

Install an air purifier in Colorado Springs or Fountain, CO

Does it feel like you're always catching a cold? Does your family suffer from allergies all year? The air in your home could be the problem. Airborne contaminants can't be seen or smelled, but they can still cause all kinds of problems.

Affordable Air Care HVAC installs air purifiers in the Colorado Springs and Fountain, CO areas and can help you make sure your air is clean and safe. With state-of-the-art air filtration technology, your purifier will remove everything from mold spores and pollen to viruses and bacteria. You and your family will be safer from seasonal allergies and illnesses like COVID-19.

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Clean your air at the source

Clean your air at the source

Standalone air filters are a simple way to help clean the air in a single room. But why not make sure every inch of your house has clean air? Our air filtration equipment works with your heater and air conditioner to clean air as it circulates through your home. You can breathe easier every day knowing every room in your house has clean air.

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